LFX Master DMX firmware 2.0 breaking news - select a gel by name from the new gel library

Details of changes

NEW all DMX OUT device presets for ARRI and Kino Flo show now parameters in Kelvin, Green/Magenta, hue & saturation as instantly adjustable values instead of DMX numbers
NEW values of the parameters as shown above are also now also visible/editable in the DMX OUT „expert mode“ instead of DMX numbers.
NEW DMX OUT device presets for ARRI and Kino Flo now contain its according GEL library by gel names selectable in an alphabetical sorted list instead of showing its DMX values only.
It means it´s not necessary any further to know a DMX value of a gel.
NEW Added possibility in DMX IN expert mode to add a trigger function for full remote control of the flicker box by DMX.
If DMX value is 0…5% = all DIM Output channels are disabled, > 5% = enabled
NEW AAdded possibility to set-up a DMX start address for DMX IN presets „3x OUT separate DIM“ and „full remote control“ > all required following DMX channels are automatically changed
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Maximum speed of Strobe effect increased from 12.6 Hz to 14.2 Hz


DMX OUT preset „RGBW“ for Arri´s Skypanel has now optimised settings


Due to ARRI´s firmware update of the Skypanel its according device presets for Gel Mode are now optimised.

CHANGED In DMX IN preset „full remote control“: channels for „Effect“ and „Speed“ are now swapped.
BUGFIX In DMX OUT a DMX value is now set to 000 if a DMX OUT channel is „deleted.
BUGFIX In case there is a dimmer console connected at DMX IN during a DMX OUT set-up procedure there is no more flicker of a connected LED fixture before settings are confirmed.