Realistic looking fire FX requires multiple channels!

Opposite all other solutions of fire/TV-RGB/… effects the LFX Master DMX uses three channels – a fire light is emitted from different directions, the “dancing” flame.

Dim the three channels of the LFX Master DMX separately. Grab LED or tungsten lamps with different output power – Set dimmer Max and min for each lamp individually.

Pic of LFX Master DXM - separate 3-channel dim control

Set-up time: approx. 20 seconds

Use a 6-channel dimmer board hooked up at the DMX input of the LFX Master DMX > Choose preset “3-CH separate dim” – that´s it.

Turn knob “EFFECT” to any position > adjust the dim max & min for each channel on the dimmer board live – read the values on the display to reproduce it anytime.

This method works also great for live color control of RGB LED fixtures.

Pic of LFX Master DXM - separate 3-channel dim control

Red dimmer MAX & min knobs are disabled in this mode.


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