Several RC4 Magic systems can be used simultaneously at the same location.

For this purpose, different private IDs must be used.

There are four IDs available for each RC4 Magic 2.4 GHz gear: ID0, ID1, ID2, ID3 (public ID)

Change the ID on the receiver and transmitter DMXio/DMXio-HG (see label on the unit):

  1. Disconnect the dimmer/transmitter from the operating voltage
  2. Press and hold the “SetA”> ID0, “SetB” > ID1, “SetC” > ID2 or the public “SetD” >ID3 (public) key.
  3. Apply operating voltage > flashing indication of which ID is used directly after power-up: > ID0: LED “RFcon”; ID1: “COP”; ID2: “RFcon” and “COP” flash together, ID3 (public): “RFcon” and “COP” flash alternately > release key.

By default ID0 is selected if reset to factory settings is accomplished.

image of RC4 LumenDimM4 onetouch dimmer configuration