LFX Master DMX flicker box upcoming free software updateHave a great new 2018! I hope you had a great holiday season.

There are breaking news for the LFX Master DMX!
We are about to provide a FREE software update for the LFX Master DMX.

Do you have any suggestions for changes or new functions?

DMX Out device presets:

IMPROVEMENT: A choosen device preset (drawn for  the DMX OUT device library) will show Gel names of a specific LED lamp feature in the DMX OUT channel list, e.g. within „edit DMX channels“ you will see instead of „006 >fix 022“  …. „006 >GEL Apricot“.

Also on modification within „edit DMX channels“ in the expert mode you will see the list of all available gels by name.

This will be provided for Arri´s Skypanel and all KinoFlo LED fixtures.

IMPROVEMENT: adaptation of DMX functions/values of Skypanel´s new firmware.

IMPROVEMENT: Speed of high speed strobe effets increased

IMPROVEMENT: For DMX IN function „enable“ added, good for direct trigger of. E.g. welding effects.

BUGFIX: During device set-up procedure a connected lamp will not flicker any further if the output DMX output channel is >006 and if there is a DMX IN device connected at the same time. This issue only occurs during the set-up if „CONFIRM settings“ has not been clicked, yet.

I am very curious which suggestions you will send.

Please send your suggestions until January 25, 2018.

We will double check all your thoughts carefully.
The software update is FREE of charge for all owners of the LFX Master DMX flicker box.

Scheduled release date: by end of February 2018.

Thanks for your reply and have a great day!