The LIGHTING FX BUILDER improves your skills – without having any idea about DMX-512LED fixture modes, hardware set-up skills and the LFX Master DMX. We guarantee the best quality of multi-channel lighting effects with our flickerbox and this web app.

Select a lighting effect, choose the lamps > get a
step-by-step guide.

If you follow-up the BUIDLER´S recommendations the ideal settings will be applied.

Even if your preferred lamp base is not included in our model library on the LIGHTING FX BUILDER site – don´t give up. The BUILDER will do it for you. Not found? We check it out for you > contact us.

All required DMX channels for fixtures/dimmers/fluoros are calculated automatically based on your entered DMX start address, most likely 001.

The LFX Master DMX is the only flickerbox for multi-channel lighting effects. It can also create custom DMX set-ups to run virtually any lamp. Simply use the BUILDER. It tells you how to achieve your lighting effect. Let it look real.

Besides the BUILDER web app you can find here the knowledge base for all these skills.

This tool vastly simplifies multi-channel lighting effects with the LFX Master DMX flickerbox to drive virtually every lamp.

No matter if you have DMX-512 skills or not you may create the best looking effects of fire, candle, TV and more using LED fixtures, tungsten up to 20 kW/channel and fluoros. No idea which lamp mode fits to your needs?

E-mail the guide. The layout is optimized for smartphones.

Step 1

Go to

ghting FX Builder for LFX Master DMX Step 1

Step 2- add effect options

ighting FX Builder for LFX Master DMX Step 2

add lamp options

Lighting FX Builder for LFX Master DMX Step 2 DMX set-up

Step 3 – your results: check it out on