Rentals & Customers

LFX Tools users

alphabetical order

Additionally, many gaffers & DOPs use their own LightingFX Tools.

RC4 Wireless users

alphabetical order

  • Argilun, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel, Munich, Germany
  • Effekt-Technik GmbH, Schlaitdorf, Germany
  • FTK Filmtechnik, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Komische Oper, Berlin, Germany
  • Lichtfaktor GmbH, Cologne, Germany
  • Mainfranken Theater Würzburg, Germany
  • Musiktheater im Revier GmbH, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  • Opernhaus Zurich AG, Switzerland
  • Oy Lafoy Ltd, Helsinki, Finland
  • Per Danbo Belysning, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Phantasialand, Bruehl, Germany
  • Pille Filmgeräteverleih GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Proyet ARTE Producciones SL, Madrid, Spain
  • Redhead bvba, Herne, Belgium
  • SkyCreations Media, Gehrden, Germany
  • Stadttheater Gießen GmbH, Germany
  • Staatstheater Stuttgart, Germany
  • Staatstheater Thüringen, Weimar, Germany
  • Stage & Eventlight Stockholm AB, Sweden
  • Studio Babelsberg, Postdam, Germany
  • Theater im Hafen Produktions GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
  • Theater Münster, Germany
  • Theater Regensburg, Germany
  • UAB Arclights, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Valofirma The Light House Oy, Helsinki, Finland

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