RC4 Series 3 CodeLoader Cable

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Firmware updates for FREE new features are easily installed with this interface cable.

It provides USB connectivity for firmware updating all RC4 Series 3 devices released after April 2014, including RC4Magic Series 3, LumenDim, and W-DIM devices.

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Icon RC4 firmware upgrade for dimmersThis cable provides USB connectivity for firmware updating RC4Magic Series 3, LumenDim, and W-DIM devices.

It can also be used as a USB interface with RC4Magic Series 3 devices in Dongle Mode for use with RC4MagicPC configuration software.

Not all RC4 devices have bootloader capabilities, even when equipped with a 3.5mm data port.  In general, devices purchased after April 2014 are bootloader capable.

Learn more about the RC4 Series 3 CodeLoader software.

download Series 3 CodeLoader software for PC or Mac.


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