With this versatile RC4 Lumenradio bundle you may accomplish many applications.

Included in delivery: LumendimIO transceiver, LumendimM4 wireless 4-Channel DMX receiver dimmer, DMX out adaptor cable

Control wirelessly …

  • any DMX-512 compatible device with LumendimIO as transmitter, LumendimM4 as receiver + plugged-in DMX out adaptor cable
  • LED RGBW strips directly at the DC dim outputs of the LumendimM4 as receiver + LumendimIO as transmitter
  • low voltage tungsten (12 or 24 V) bulbs up to 16 Amps with the LumendimM4+ LumendimIO as transmitter

Detailed product info:

LumendimIO Transceiver

LumendimM4 wireless dimmer (4 output channels, 5 – 32 V DC operation voltage, adjustable PWM frequency)

DMX Out adaptor cable

Lumenradio LumendimIO transceiver + 4 channel wireless DC-dimmer special offer