LFXHub kit – limited edition

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Production is discontinued.

This kit is for advanced lighting designers, includes these LFX Tools:

We guarantee service and support for at least the next ten years.

This kit includes all LFX Tools. Control LED, fluoros with DMX interface, dimmer-shutters and any other DMX-512 compatible devices. Also includes the lightning upgrade with three additional presets for lightning and flash LFX with multiple channels, a KinoFlo control cable for the non-DMX DivaLite, universal cable extension for all accessories and a waterproof Pelicase.

Please select your LFXHub version. It´s available in three 230 VAC connector versions.

Please select your Powersensor version (connector/voltage).

* PRIOR SHIPMENT the LFXHub ID must be determined.
* This is a custom text  shown on the LFXHub´s display.
* This Service is free of charge.

Additional information

Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 53 × 48 × 22 cm
connector version lfxhub

CEE 7/V, CEE blue 16 Amps, Schuko

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