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LFX Master DMX

The most powerful flicker box

Create the highest quality of lighting effects.
Drive DMX-512 based LED fixtures, fluoros or tungsten dimmers.

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LFX Master DMX flicker box









„broken“ fluoro



HD effects
Device library
3 output channels
DMX input
iPad remote control

HD effects

LFX Master DMX flicker box

HD effect curve of a preset

Sample film clips

Fire 3 channels
with LED
flickering shadows using 3x LED fixture
… with tungsten
flickering shadows using 3x tungsten lamp & dimmer pack
Fire 1 channel
single channel effects are fine if background is not close to object
for LED choose GEL/Kelvin
Use lamp with small surface of omitted light, e.g. household type bulb or small LED fixture.
Composition of “cuts” and “pans” simulates a lighting effect of a TV.
Create RGB effects with shifting colors with a LED fixture. Improve color selection with an external 6-channel DMX console for separate RGB tuning connected @ DMX IN
TV 1 channelsoonWith LED choose fixed kelvin value for single channel TV effect, e.g. 6000 Kelvin
for LED choose GEL, kelvin, green/magenta.
Also use as a short-circuit effect.
„broken“ fluoro
Effect of a not properly working fluorescent tube made for LED fixtures.
Adjust kelvin with a fixed DMX channel for LED fixtures as shown in the video sample
StrobesoonSimulates symmetric flashes. Ideal for effects of a neon sign up to strobe light.strobe effects with the LFX Master DMX flicker box

High range of pulse speed settings

Add an offset brightness with “MIN DIM” to avoid setting an additional fill light.

Fire 3 channels with LED

Fire 3 channels with tungsten

Fire effect with LED fixture, GEL added by fixed DMX value




„broken“ fluorescent

Device library

The most easy way to link a device is a device preset. It takes seconds for this flicker box.

There is a bunch of pre-programmed settings for devices e.g. for all the LED products of Kino Flo and most of Arri´s  LED range.

Simply select a device from a list, the LFX Master DMX will then display all required settings for the gear.

Because of the option to manually set-up DMX channels as well there is virtually no limit to get any –  most likely a LED fixture – gear working.

Use the LFX Master DMX as an inline device in an existing DMX universe or control LED fixtures, dimmer packs or fluoros out of the box.

Please see the list of device presets in the specs.

This short video shows how to apply a device preset in practice.

Kino Flo Freestyle LED

LFX Master DMX: 4 click set-up of Arri´s Skypanel-C

ARRI Skypanel

LFX Master DMX: 4 click set-up of Arri´s Skypanel-C

Three output channels

Original flames of a fireplace “dance” around.

The 3 channel “fire” preset of this flickerbox automatically alternates the dim level of each channel the way a real flame would behave – flickering shadows.

For TV effects with three channels even the color changes in RGB mode.

3-output-channels for lighting effects w LFX Master DMX flicker box
flickering shadows with the LFX Master DMX flicker box

Use different effect gels on the three lamps – the color temperature would change either.

If the object is too far away from the background you will not see flickering shadows, normaly a distance of around 60 cm (2 ft) is ideal.

Olaf Michalke, movie-intercom LightingFX Tools


Use every type and size of tungsten lamps or LED.

A result of an effect would look different with the same signal used at different lamp types/sizes, particularly if an LED lamp is used.

“Transitions” adapts effects to the duration of persistence of various types of filaments or to LED lamps. See sample clip: fire effects 

The timing difference between the moment of electrical deactivation and the time of a completely extinguished light depends on the power of the bulb.

Choose the transition mode depending on the connected type and size of lamp (bulb inertia).

Thus any lighting effect looks excellent – with a 10K, a redhead, a standard 60 W bulb, fluoros or LED.

transistions function shapes HD flicker curve suitable for all lamps
Use “Transitions” for different styles of e.g. fire – from aggressive to smooth.

DMX input

Extend the functionality of the flicker box with a DMX input signal.

We suggest to hook up a simple 6-channel DMX console.

Advanced users use a professional dimmer console for full remote control of the LFX Master DMX.

live kelvin & gel control with a dimmer console
precise RGB control for TV effects

iPad remote control

This is a preview of the powerful wireless options of the LFX Master DMX.

Use the Luminair App for wireless remote control of the flicker box.

For most easy set-up we will provide the project files of Luminair for Kino Flo LED fixtures, SkyPanel (Gel mode – as shown in the video – and RGB mode) and for different effect scenarios.

These project files including a set-up instruction for the flicker box will be available for free from www.lfxmaster.com soon.

ipad remote control of LFX Master DMX flicker box and LED fixtures



LFX Master DMX flicker box
LFX Master DMX: side view
LFX Master DMX: side view 2


order codelmdx
operating voltage6 – 32 VDC, universal PSU included for 90 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, adapter plugs: US, UK, EU, AU
temperature operating range-10°C …65°C (50 … 149°F)
Dimensions  (l x w x h)20 x 11 x 8.6 cm (7.9″ x 4.3″ x 3.4″)
weight650 gramms (1.4 lbs) without PSU
DMX protocolUSITT DMX-512-A
DMX sockets5-pin XLR
DMX outputassisted configuration with device preset or custom DMX configuration.
Set DMX channels for CCT, G/M, gel and RGB or allocate an output channel to a DMX channel.
Device presetsPre-defined DMX set-up for Kino Flo: FreeStyle LED, Select LED, Diva-Lite LED, Celeb LED, Parabeam, Parazip
Arri: Skypanel-C, L5-C, L7-C, L10-C, Broadcaster 2+; generic 2-channel LED, 12-channel tungsten dimmer pack, custom DMX channel allocation for all others
DMX input presetsExtend the functionality with a simple DMX console and presets @ DMX INPUT (optional dimmer console required)

  • separate dim (max & min) control for output channels 1, 2 and 3
  • remote control via DMX IN for all effects
  • DMX patch to any device channel or LFX Master DMX function
resolution preset24 fps, 60 seconds loop
HD effectsFire, Candle, TV, Welding, “broken” fluoro, strobe
Strobe t= 67.5 msec …28 secs, aspect ratio 50%
enclosuremade of 3 mm thick aluminum
software updatesno shipping, provided by e-mail, micro SD-card slot for updates built-in