DMX6dim500 drahtloser DMX HIGH POWER Dimmer, 6 Kanäle

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Kabelloser, leistungsstarker, 42A DMX-gesteuerter 6-Kanal-DC-Dimmer (5 – 35 V DC) für Theater und Film. Steuere LEDs und Lampen in Requisiten und mehr.

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The RC4Magic S3 2.4SX DMX6dim-500 is a 42A high-power 6-channel DC dimmer for props, turntables, set pieces, and more.  It smoothly dims LEDs and lamps, controls small DC motors with wide-range speed control, and provides many features to optimize color and appearance for a variety of theatre and motion-picture applications.  It operates from 6VDC to 35VDC with low heat generation and maximum energy efficiency.

All RC4 Series 3 products now include 19-bit dimming, which is eight times finer than 16-bit with 524,000 steps of resolution.  This means exceptionally smooth LED dimming, especially at the bottom end of the curve where other dimmers appear steppy and jumpy. The 2.4GHz DMX6dim-500 also features dimmer curve tweaking to find the most visually linear and pleasing response with any LED technology being used.

Device configuration is easily done with the built-in RC4 OneTouch™ user interface, or Remote Device Management (RDM), or RC4 Commander configuration software available for Mac OSX and Windows 7 and later, including Windows 10.

Like the rest of the RC4Magic Harmonized Design platform, the 2.4GHz DMX6dim-500 features:

  • PWM frequencies optimizations for power handling, smoothest resolution, eliminating artifacts in video, and eliminating noise in audio systems.
  • RC4 Digital Persistence A carefully engineered thermal model makes LEDs fade up and down like incandescent and halogen lamps.
  • HSL Color Controller Choose to use Hue/Saturation/Level (brightness) control of color if desired.
  • RC4 ColorMatch Match color palettes and white-balance different LED sources from different manufacturers.
  • RC4 HotPatch Signal path routing of RC4 features: route the FLKR engine to the HSL controller for example, and much more.
  • Remote Device Management (RDM) The DMX standard for device configuration, including E1.37 dimmer control extensions.
  • RC4 CodeLoader Update firmware to add features.  Since 2014, more than 10 new features have been added at no cost to users!

Anderson Powerpole connectors are provided for connection of the power supply (+/-DC IN red/black) and load devices (two red +OUT terminals, -DimA grey, -DimB grey, -DimC grey, -DimD grey, -DimE grey, -DimF grey). The supply powers both the internal electronics and the connected loads. Dimmers switch on the negative side of the circuit, ideal for common-anode (common positive) LED tape and panels. The dimmer output voltage is precisely the DC power input voltage with no appreciable losses within the 42A total power handling of the device.  When operating at or near the maximum power capacity, Anderson 45A pins must be used at the power input, all wiring must be appropriately sized and in compliance with applicable electrical codes, and external fuses or circuit breakers should be used at the power source and in each individual dimmer circuit.

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100% kompatibel mit der RC4Magic Series 2/3 2.4GHz Technologie!

Abmessungen: 4.40″x 2.44″ x .1.22″ (112mm x 62mm x 31mm)

Gewicht: 4,7oz

Leistungsaufnahme: 6VDC – 35VDC, 0,4W Leerlauf, ~87% Regelgrad,

Anderson Powerpole Anschlüsse

Dimmer-Ausgänge: 6 Niederspannungs-DC-Dimmer, Anderson Powerpole

Anschlüsse, 19-Bit-Auflösung PWM (524.000 Schritte)

Individuelle Dimmer-Ausgangsleistung: 10A nicht kontinuierlich, 7A kontinuierlich

Maximale Gesamtleistung: 45A (begrenzt durch Anderson Power Pole Eingang)

Steckverbinder maximale Nennleistung)

Mehrere PWM-Frequenzen: 1250Hz, 5kHz (artefaktfrei für Video), 20kHz, 40kHz (rauschfrei für Audio, flimmerfrei für Superhochformat-Videoaufnahmen)

Mehrere Dimmer-Kurven: Non-Dim, Non-Dim invertiert, linear, linear invertiert, Inverse-Square-Law (ISL), ISL invertiert, Kurvenanpassung zwischen Linear und ISL über 256 Gradationen hinweg

RC4 Digital Persistence™: 8 vom Benutzer wählbare Nachleuchtzeiten, die eine Reihe von Glühlampen nachahmen.

Sensoren: Eingangsspannung, Innentemperatur, Strom für Kanäle 1/2/3, Strom für Kanäle 3/4/5

DMX Ein-/Ausgang: RC4 3,5 mm Mini, USITT DMX512/1990 Daten, nicht standardisierter Port, Steckeradapter verfügbar. Unterstützung von RDM E1.20 und E1.37 (Dimmer-Konfiguration)

Drahtloses Protokoll: RC4 Drahtlos RC4Magic Serie 3, 2,4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) RF

HF-Antenne: versteckt intern, omnidirektional

Fernkonfigurierbar mit RC4 Commander Software für Mac und PC


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