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Icon RC4 firmware upgrade for dimmersRC4 CODELOADER™

Keep your RC4 devices up-to-date, and easily upload new features with the Codeloader cable.
We ensure that updates and custom features could always be installed with ease by users in the field.

Codeloader Cable

Connection to a host PC for CodeLoading is done with an RC4 Series 3 USB CodeLoader Cable™. One end plugs into the DMX miniplug port on the Series 3 device, the other end plugs into a USB port on the PC.

The RC4 CodeLoader™ application runs natively in Microsoft Windows and is fully tested for all versions from WinXP to Win10 and MacOS. All you need is a working PC/Mac, the CodeLoader app, an Internet connection (to retrieve new RC4 code files), a USB port, and the RC4 CodeLoader Cable™.

See the RC4 Series 3 USB CodeLoader Cable product page to download CodeLoader software for PC (available for Windows and MacOS).

RC4 Wireless USB-CodeLoader-Adaptor