Key features RC4 Dimmers

RC4 digital persistance iconRC4 DIGITAL PERSISTANCE

The digital persistance ISL dimming curve simulates the behavior of a tungsten lamp for LED with no visible stepping.

Dimming a tungsten lamp will result in SMOOTH Dimming because of the filament inertia of the bulb.

LEDs respond very fast with no turn-off and turn-on delay. The dimming would look different with the same signal.

DMX4dim wireless DMX dimmer receiver 4 channels

RC4 Digital Persistence™ provides ultra-smooth LED dimming with the look of a vintage lamp.

Using RC4 OneTouch™, the ISL curve can be selected with or without RC4 Digital Persistence by using the ISL-Slow or ISL-Fast dimmer curve.

Using Remote Device Management (RDM) and/or RC4 Commander Configuration Software, RC4 Digital Persistence™ can be used with ISL or Linear curves, with 8 different user-selectable smoothing speeds.

RC4 Digital Persistence™ can also smooth servo motor motion, improving fluidity and reducing jumpiness in animatronic and puppetry applications.


Using simple RC4 OneTouch™, four different dimmer curves can be selected on most devices: ISL (Inverse Square Law), ISL with RC4 Digital Persistence, Linear, and Non-Dim.

With Enhanced OneTouch™ you can access all RC4 curves including Inverted ISL, Inverted Linear, Inverted Non-Dim, Servo CW and CCW, AC wave, and 16-bit control.