Key features RC4 Dimmers

RC4 wireless key featureRC4 COLORMATCH™

RC4 ColorMatch™ makes it easy to calibrate color between multiple devices by visually matching white color temperature.


Detailed set-up of RC4 Series 3 Wireless Dimming: ColorMatch Two Different LED Tapes

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When building props using primary-color LEDs, it is difficult (often impossible) to match lumen output for each color. And each LED also requires a current-limiting resistor that must be sized appropriately for the voltage used, as well as the LED current draw and forward voltage. The ideal resistor is not always available, and the closest manufactured value must be substituted. The result is often one or more LEDs lighting slightly less brightly.

Viewed individually, small variations in brightness between primary-color LEDs is virtually unnoticeable to the human eye. But when color mixing is introduced, our eyes are remarkably sensitive to very small differences in color.

RC4 ColorMatch™ counteracts variations in LEDs, resistors, even mounting and diffusion, bringing the overall color experience back to a pleasing visual standard.