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The LightingSensor with optical detection can trigger any preset/effect producible with the LFXHub.

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Automatically synchronize film lighting with a switched practical or a blown off candle flame.

The optical LightingSensor can trigger any preset/effect producible with the LFXHub.

Sync an effect of a …

  • switched practical
  • blown off candle flame
  • starting/flickering fluorescent

… with film lighting connected at LFXHub.

  • max-distance: 12 m @ 58W fluoro

The LightingSensor is automatically identified when plugged into the control input of the LFXHub.

Let the talent activate any lighting effect

All lamps connected at the internal dimmer pack of the LFXHub and/or hooked up by DMX are controlled.
Any effect producible with the LFXHug can be (de-)activated.

LightingSensor w LFXHub

Example 2

Standard app – switched practical

A ceiling lamp is turned on by the actress´ actuation with the original switch on the wall.
The LightingSensor detects the change in brightness of the original ceiling lamp and so triggers film lighting connected at the LFXHub directly or via DMX with the function “dimmer”.

Example 3

Duplicate an effect of a flickering tube

The LightingSensor picks up the effect of a flickering ” broken” tube by optical detection. The tube is in frame.
All connected tungsten or LED lamps hooked up at the LFXHub will copy this flicker effect send from the LightingSensor.

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