Key features RC4 Dimmers

RDM (remote device management) for RC4 dimmersREMOTE DEVICE MANAGEMENT

Besides ONETOUCH method configure RC4 dimmers remotely.

RDM for Lumenradio devices and the commander software for RC4 Magic devices vastly simplifies even complex set-ups.



RC4 LumenDim devices provide full wireless RDM support using LumenRadio CRMX

If you need wireless RDM, use RC4 LumenDim wireless dimmers with a LumenRadio wireless DMX system.

Video of RDM configuration


Wired RDM configuration of all RC4 dimmers

Find here a detailed guide of wired RDM configuration using some accessories.

You can set-up DMX address, dimmer curve/function, PWM frequency and output time (Smoothing for LED control) on your computers´ screen using Lumenradios´ SuperNova software.


RC4 Magic 2.4 Ghz series wireless dimmers

Extensive wired RDM functionality is provided for RC4 Magic dimmers

All RC4 S3 dimmers provide extensive RDM (remote device management) functionality, an important part of RC4 Harmonized Design™.

This RDM implementation consists of a Root Device and multiple Sub-devices as defined in the RDM specification.

With Lumenradio’s Supernova application, RC4Magic dimmers can also be configured. Or, even more conveniently, with the MagicPC Commander application wirelessly.


RC4 MagicPC Remote Configuration Software

No RDM required – even better & wireless!

Graphical RDM with LumenRadio SuperNova Software

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