Performing a Factory Reset :

If someone else has used your dimmer, or you just want to get back to a known configuration, performing a factory reset is easy:

  1. Power on the device. The green COP indicator will be blinking.
  2. Press and hold Func, briefly tap (press and release) the SetABC (for 6 channel dimmers) or SetA (for 2 and 4 channel dimmers) button, then release Func. Four indicators will blink to confirm that factory settings are restored.

NOTE: This does NOT affect transmitter linking.

PRO TIPS: Bending a single paper clip into a U shape will enable you to easily reach and press both buttons together. If you are not sure what mode or setting you may have selected, you can always get back to a known starting point by returning to factory defaults.

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Default factory settings are:

  1. Normal device mode (DMX DimA/B/C/D)
  2. DimA/B/C/D set to DMX channels 1/2/3/4
  3. All dimmers set to ISL-Slow curve
  4. All dimmer PWM frequencies to 5 kHz
  5. All RC4 Digital Persistence times to Fast Medium