PWM Frequency selection is a Long-Press Button Feature, and the selected frequency is confirmed using patterns of two LEDs.

To cycle through available PWM frequencies:

Ensure live DMX data is streaming in by either wire (miniplug input) or wireless. If DMX data is not streaming, the Set buttons act as dimmer bump buttons only.

  1. Long-Press SetB
  2. When the LED blink pattern appears, release SetB.
  3. The next PWM frequency is now selected for all dimmers on the device and saved.

The LED blink pattern of DimA and DimB outputs indicates the frequency as outlined below. Each long-press of SetB advances to the next frequency.  Advancing from the last option returns to the first option:

  • Option 1: 615Hz (default): DimB > DimA > DimA
  • Option 2: 1250Hz: DimA > DimB > DimA
  • Option 3: 5kHz: DimB > DimB > DimA
  • Option 4: 10kHz: DimA > DimA > DimB
  • Option 5: 20kHz: DimB > DimA > DimB
  • Option 6: 40kHz: DimA > DimB > DimB
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