How far can we go?

When placing a CRMX receiver, it is often unclear whether the range is within limits or whether the signal could drop out at any moment.

However, there is a valuable aid that ensures that the wireless radio link works reliably:

If the receiver signal remains "in the green range" operation is safe.

Instructions for measuring the signal strength of any Lumenradio CRMX receiver


You will need this:

  1. a CRMX transmitter that can handle wireless RDM e.g. the RC4 LumenDimIO-100
  2. the DMXCat, a DMX/RDM test tool
  3. Your smartphone, IOS or Android
  4. any RC4 Lumenradio Dimmer for the display of the RF signal strength.

I assume that you are familiar with the DMXcat.

(It's not difficult and it's fun!)

LumenDimIO-100 Lumenradio CRMX Transceiver RC4 Wireless

Any CRMX-transmitter with RDM, e.g. the RC4 LumenDimIO-100

For RC4 Wireless DMXcat DMX/RDM tool

DMXcat + your smartphone + App

How it works

First: plug-in the DMXCat into the DMX input of the transmitter.

Second: set-up the receiver and test its function near the transmitter. Here we used a LumenDimM4 dimmer.

Now measure the signal strength.

Step 1

choose RDM control

Step 2

choose corresponding "CRMX TiMo RDM" of the unit (not the LumenDimM4!)

Step 3

choose "Sensor"

Schritt 4

read the signal strength

Now move away from the transmitter (or even better, a second person carrying the receiver) and the first person should keep an eye on the signal strength display. Please be patient, there is a certain latency.

The first person should stay close to the DMXcat, because the Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone has a significantly shorter range (max. 10 m) than CRMX.

This procedure is not manufacturer-specific. If the latest Lumenradio CRMX modules (TiMo) are installed, this should also work with devices other than all RC4 wireless dimmers.

Any questions: contact us!