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Deine führenden Experten für Lichteffekte & wireless DMX

Erzeuge die besten Effekte von Feuer, TV, Schweissen & mehr mit Lampen  –
durch unsere Flickerboxen.

Steuere beliebig viele Kino Flo LED-Leuchten, SkyPanels, andere LED Fixtures, Kunstlicht & Leuchtstoffröhren mit dem neuen LFX Master DMX.

LFX Master DMX
LFX Master DMX Flickerbox Lichteffektgenrator
  • HD Flickerkurven

  • DMX-512 OUT & IN

  • Leuchten Bibliothek – Presets

  • Folienbibliothek

  • 3 Ausgangskanäle

  • Beliebige DMX Kanalzuordnung

  • DMX Eingangs-presets

  • Fernsteuerung per DMX

  • Batteriebetrieb

  • iPad Fernsteuerung

LFX Master dim
LFX Master dim Flickerbox Lichteffektgenerator
  • HD Flickerkurven

  • Autosense Dimmer 100 – 240 V 50/60Hz

  • Einfachste Bedienung

  • Robuste Verarbeitung

Über RC4 Wireless DMX

Wir sind der exklusive Distributor für RC4 Wireless DMX Lösungen in Europa (außer Großbritannien).

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LFX Master DMX is like the name states – a masterpiece! This unique tool gives endless possibilities how to use your lights in practical way. Best example how powerful LFX Master is when people have asked me on set ‘where did you find this perfectly flickering fluorescent?’. I didn’t, the answer relies in LFX Master DMX. When coupled with wireless control trough iPad, you can adjust all your effects on the go and still keep the possibility to fine tune the colour of your LED unit. LFX Master DMX is always in my kit now-days!

Finally! After using the modular Flicker box for many years and more recent the universal flicker boxes LFX Master DMX and LFX Master dim there is a good solution to easy generate effects for your LED fixtures. Especially the function of DMX in is very useful. You can control (and even store) your effects in Luminair. We can play off set and have everything ready on set. That gives us the efficiency we like. Thanks!

Hello FXhub is a perfect tool for simulations of fires, candles and TV. We specifically we are using now in a movie about the bombing of Gernika, we have many days outside at night to recreate the fire following the bombing. We have come to set explosions to light, and we are trying to make fireworks effects. Very good buy.

Txema Areizaga, Argilun, Spain

As gaffer I have the luck/misfortune to work with some talented DOPs who work with a rich image. They are pushing the limit every time, they have an idea and I can find the solution. The LFXHub & RC4 were good compagnions to fullfill their desires: neon effect, broken fluoro, flicker effect wired & unwired, aeroplane position lamps, bad working headlamp, television effect with or without shifting colors.

Dirk van Rampelberg, Gaffer, Belgium

Lichteffekte machen einfach Spass-

mit LFX Tools & RC4 Wireless Dimmern