RC4Magic 2.4GHz is NOT recommended for new designs and new projects.

We will continue to support our existing RC4Magic 2.4GHz users with a limited stockpile of components we have set aside.

Existing users can purchase additional devices by entering their existing RC4 Private System IDentities (System IDs) during checkout in the field “Order Notes”.

If you are a new user looking for a great new system, we still have the best, and we’ve got your back!

For worldwide use in the 2.4GHz band, use RC4 LumenDim devices.

RC4 LumenDim product family

RC4 LumenDim product family

If you are based in the USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, use RC4Magic-900 for 4x the range of any 2.4GHz system from any manufacturer.

RC4 Magic 2.4 Ghz series wireless dimmers
Lumenradio_logo RC4 wireless dimmers for lumenradio