The DMX channel assignment for a DC output is identical for all RC4 Magic 2.4 GHz, LumenRadio and W-DMX receivers according to the ONETOUCH procedure.

This procedure requires the dimmer, a transmitter (DMX tester or a DMX control desk) and a 5-pin DMX cable.

A bent paper clip is used to press the buttons behind the oval openings.

Transmitter and receiver must be coupled, the DMX signal must be present at the dimmer.


  1. Set the levels of all channels on the DMX transmitter to zero.
  2. Send the DMX channel on the DMX transmitter that is to be assigned to the first channel of the receiver (SetA).
  3. The level of this DMX channel determines the DMX address and the dimmer curve according to the table below.
  4. Using the paper clip on the receiver for channel “DIM A”, briefly press the “SET A” button behind the oval opening once.That’s it. If the assignment was successful, the LED (the monitor for channel DIM A) should now be on/dimmable by the DMX tester directly next to the oval opening..
image of RC4 LumenDimM4 onetouch dimmer configuration
Dimmer curve, digital persistance Level in %
Non-dim > ON/OFF
OFF (no digital persistance)
(80 – 100%)
linear (recommended for tungsten bulbs)
OFF, (no digital persisrance)
(60 – 79%)
ISL fast (recommended for LEDs), fast response needed
OFF (no digital persistance)
(40 – 59%)
ISL slow (recommended for ), smooth dimming
default DP: Fast medium
(20 – 39%)
Channel ignored
No change of current settings
< 20%