LFXHub 3-channel flicker box w built-in dimmer

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3-channel flicker box with built-in dimmer, input for sensors, lightning option

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The modular flicker box

Create natural looking lighting effects using HD flicker curves and 3 channels.
The input for accessories allows for talent controlled lighting, SFX & lightningFX.

Control any number and size of tungsten, LED, fluoros and even HMIs combined with dimmer-shutters.

Its high quality lighting effects is proven since more than 20 years.

  • HD flicker curves
  • 12 presets
  • 3 channels
  • Input for sensors
  • DMX-512 option
  • Lightning option

The numerous options for variations of all effects makes the LFXHub to the universal tool for lighting effects.

Versatile modular System

With the wide range of available accessories this flicker box can be extended to an interactive lighting control unit.
Let the talents control lighting!


neon signs
“broken fluoro”
lava glow
photo flash*
police lights
explosion flash*
projector flicker
cross fader
starting fluoro
construction flasher
input for sensors

HD effects

LFXHub flicker box
LFX Master DMX high res flicker curve

HD effect curve of a preset

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Three output channels

Original flames of a fireplace “dance” around.

The 3 channel “fire” preset of the LFXHub automatically alternates the dim level of each channel the way a real flame would behave – flickering shadows.

For TV effects with three channels even the color changes in RGB mode when three different lamps are used.

3-output-channels for lighting effects w LFX Master DMX flicker box
flickering shadows with the LFX Master DMX flicker box

Use different effect gels on the three lamps – the color temperature would change either.

If the object is too far away from the background you will not see flickering shadows, normaly a distance of around 60 cm (2 ft) is ideal.

Olaf Michalke, movie-intercom LightingFX Tools
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Use every type and size of tungsten lamps or LED.

A result of an effect would look different with the same signal used at different lamp types/sizes, particularly if an LED lamp is used.

“Ramp” adapts effects to the duration of persistence of various types of filaments or to LED lamps.

The timing difference between the moment of electrical deactivation and the time of a completely extinguished light depends on the power of the bulb.

Choose the transition mode depending on the connected type and size of lamp (bulb inertia).

Thus any lighting effect looks excellent – with a 10K, a redhead, a standard 60 W bulb, fluoros or LED.

transistions function shapes HD flicker curve suitable for all lamps
Use “Ramp” for different styles of e.g. fire – from aggressive to smooth.
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LFXHub flicker box digital output

for DMX module

Drive the lamp you want

Different interfaces of the LFXHub makes it easy to drive virtually any lamp fitting your needs.

Smart interfaces simplify even normally time consuming set-up of lighting effects.

  • The internal built-in silent dimmer is perfect for most effects with tungsten lamps
  • Three 0…10VDC outputs operate ECGs for fluoros, analog strobes or analog dimmer packs or KinoFlo´s Divalite series
  • The optional DMX-512 module opens the door widely for control of LED lamps, multi-channel DMX dimmer packs, dimmer -shutter & strobes

No limits

The maximum output power only depends on the number and maximum output power of the connected dimmer or led fixtures.

Create a fire effect with flickering shadows or a sequencer for neon sign effects on the fly.

LFXHub flicker box: input for accessories, digital for DMX module
LFXHub flicker box: 3x 0-10 VDC outputs, power outlet
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This is an upgrade option for the LFXHub.

The “lightningFX” upgrade consists of the trigger module and a software upgrade with three additional presets: lightningX, single -flash and multi-flash.

Create stunning lightning and flash effects controlling one or more dimmer-shutter(s) using HMIs up to 18 kW or any number of LED lamps.

Link the shutters via DMX with the LFXHub.

The HMI is steadily on, the dimmer-shutter controls the brightness.


  • extra power generator not required
  • spot or flood HMI(s)
  • daisy-chain a virtually unlimited number of shutters or LED
  • existing equipment can be used
  • multi-channel flashes

Create breathtaking “moving” thunderstorm flashes using three channels.


with HMI


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