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LFX Master DMX 2.0 flickerbox

1.498,00  Special rate! 748,00  *

In stock (can be backordered)

Most powerful 3-channel flicker box with built-in DMX-512 in & out.
Easy set-up for lamp/dimmer with device library.

included in delivery: PSU 100-240 VAC, interchangeable adapter plugs for EU, US, AU, UK; USB to DC-power adapter

Delivery time: 1 day

In stock (can be backordered)


LFX Master DMX 2.0

The smartest flicker box

Create the highest quality of lighting effects
with multiple LED fixtures, fluoros or tungsten.

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“broken” fluoro



Easily set-up DMX-512 based lamps and dimmers with the device library.

High resolution flicker curves ensure realistic looking lighting effects, with a single channel or with three channels for fire with flickering shadows or TV-RGB effects.

NEW: directly select a gel from the new gel library by gel name or enter color temperature in Kelvin using a device preset.

Customize every DMX output or input preset due to your demands.

Remote control the LFX Master DMX from an existing DMX universe or with your iPad.

Even better, wirelessly drive your lamps with RC4 Wireless DMX gear.

The LFX Master DMX is most versatile now premiered as the third generation of our flicker generators with upgraded firmware.

Example for SkyPanel-C set-up

LFX Master DMX flickerbox device preset (GEL Mode) for Skypanel-C
  • HD flicker curves

  • DMX-512 OUT & IN

  • LED fixture library

  • Gel library by name

  • three output channels

  • arbitrary DMX patching

  • DMX input presets

  • remote control via DMX

  • battery operation

  • iPad remote control

LFX Master DMX - most powerful flicker box

Please find video samples & more details on the main page of the LFX Master DMX.

It´s fun to create LFX –

with the LFX Master DMX – and every lamp.

Additional information

Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions34 × 23 × 12 cm


order codelmdx
operating voltage6 – 32 VDC, universal PSU included for 90 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, adapter plugs: US, UK, EU, AU
temperature operating range-10°C …65°C (50 … 149°F)
Dimensions  (l x w x h)20 x 11 x 8.6 cm (7.9″ x 4.3″ x 3.4″)
weight650 gramms (1.4 lbs) without PSU
DMX protocolUSITT DMX-512-A
DMX sockets5-pin XLR
DMX outputassisted configuration with device preset or custom DMX configuration.
Set DMX channels for CCT, G/M, gel and RGB or allocate an output channel to a DMX channel.
Device presetsPre-defined DMX set-up for Kino Flo: FreeStyle LED, Select LED, Diva-Lite LED, Celeb LED, Parabeam, Parazip
Arri: Skypanel-C, L5-C, L7-C, L10-C, Broadcaster 2+; generic 2-channel LED, 12-channel tungsten dimmer pack, custom DMX channel allocation for all others
DMX input presetsExtend the functionality with a simple DMX console and presets @ DMX INPUT (optional dimmer console required)

  • separate dim (max & min) control for output channels 1, 2 and 3
  • remote control via DMX IN for all effects
  • DMX patch to any device channel or LFX Master DMX function
resolution preset24 fps, 60 seconds loop
HD effectsFire, Candle, TV, Welding, “broken” fluoro, strobe
Strobe t= 67.5 msec …28 secs, aspect ratio 50%
enclosuremade of 3 mm thick aluminum
software updatesno shipping, provided by e-mail, micro SD-card slot for updates built-in


User manual LFX Master DMX with NEW firmware 2.x

Quick-Start-Guide NEW (346 kB) PDF
User manual NEW (1 MB) PDF

Bedienungsanleitung LFX Master DMX mit aktueller firmware 2.x

Firmware Upgrade guide & improvements/new functions

User manuals with previous firmware 1.x

Product brochure

Product brochure (1.3 MB) PDF
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